Yoga to Be Kidding Me is the second segment of the 31st episode of New Looney Tunes.


Bugs Bunny hurts his back when attempted to pick up a penny. A woman, Ivana, tells Bugs to join her yoga class for a large sum of money. Ivana steals his money, and Bugs he makes sure her class gets sabotaged with attempts such as hand farting, asking the same question over and over again. and telling his classmates to dance. In the end, everyone leaves, but Bugs refuses to leave until he gets his refund. Ivana, fed up with Bugs, gives him his money back and tells him to never return. Bugs leaves and Ivana finds the same penny Bugs found earlier. She attempts picks it up, but hurts her back in the process.


  • Cecil Turtle makes an appearance in this episode.

Video Clips

Wabbit - Yoga Bunny02:02

Wabbit - Yoga Bunny

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