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Yodeling Yokels
Yodeling Yokels
Directed By: Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising
Produced By: Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising
Leon Schlesinger
Released: June 20, 1931
Series: Looney Tunes
Animation: Rollin Hamilton
Norm Blackburn
Film Editor:
Voiced By: Johnny Murray
Rochelle Hudson
Music: Frank Marsales
Starring: Bosko
Preceded By: Dumb Patrol
Succeeded By: Bosko's Holiday
Yodeling Yokels 193106:43

Yodeling Yokels 1931

Yodeling Yokels is a 1931 short animated film starring Bosko.


Bosko and Honey are happily yodeling near the Alps, but disaster strikes them. Bosko attempts to run down a tree to meet honey, but ends up losing control and falls onto a pair of wooden planks that also act as skis. Bosko knocks down Honey, who falls downhill in a snowball, until she smashes into a rock and topples near a cliff. Bosko, on his runaway skis, hits the same rock and suddenly comes to a stop. Now Honey is rushing downriver on an ice floe. As she is crying for help, Bosko ends up finding a St. Bernard and together the two race to save Honey. At the same time, a mouse in Honey's home plays golf, using macaroni as a golf club, a pea as a ball and a slice of Swiss cheese as his golf course.

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