Wonderful Bugs

Wonderful Bugs is a Merrie Melodie from The Looney Tunes Show. It was sung by Walter Bunny about Bugs in the episode "The Shell Game".


There are things in life

That are amazing

Like stargazing

Sunday lazing

And carrot quiche

But nothing can compare

To a certain top notch hare

I'll admit inside my heart

He's found a niche

(That's a French word meaning special place)


Look at him 

There he goes

He's wonderful

And everyone knows

He's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Bugs!

He like's his coffee finely ground

When he snores, he doesn't make a sound

He respects his elders

He's a certified welder

And he's got good humor by the pound!

He dates my lovely daughter Lola!

She thinks he's sweet as cherry cola!

He's honest to a fault

His brain's a golden vault

He's the yoghurt to her granola

Here he comes

Man of the hour!

Look at him walk

Such grace and power

He's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Bugs!

I know he's just a bunny and all

But someday I hope he's my son-in-law

He's handsome and considerate

Articulate and literate

Loquacious and vivacious

His garage is very spacious

He's wonderful, wonderful Bugs!


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