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Elmer Fudd was abducted by Marvin to play Who Wants To Be A Martianaire? The question is: "What ruthless Martian leader has dominated the galaxy for the last decade?"

A: Vernell the Omnipotent

Elmer picks that as an answer. Marvin zaps Earth but gets deflected by Bugs Bunny and hits Elmer.

B: Refleb 578

As Elmer picks this as an answer, Marvin zaps Daffy.

C: Martha Stewart

Elmer picks the correct answer and gets the home version of the game.



2 Who Wants To Be A Martianaire?04:01

2 Who Wants To Be A Martianaire?


  • This webtoon's name parodies "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?"
  • The webtoon's interactive segment has the view pick the three answers to the questions at any time.

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