Char 45852
W.C. Squeals
Background information
Species: pig
Gender: male
Debut appearance: At Your Service Madame
Created by: Friz Freleng
Portrayed by: Tedd Pierce

W.C. Squeals is a Looney Tunes character created by Friz Freleng. He appeared in three Merrie Melodies shorts: 1936's "At Your Service Madame" and "The CooCoo Nut Grove" and 1938's "Cracked Ice". W.C. Squeals was voiced by Tedd Pierce.


W.C. Squeals is a pig who is a caricature of W.C. Fields, right down to his voice. His red snout often acts similarly to a toilet plunger in that it sticks to any flat surface when he presses it against the surface (like a windowpane) and he has to pull it off the surface like a plunger.


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