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I admit this blog seems silly and is petty but this is just something I'd like to see on this Wikia. This is not to annoy anyone.

I am looking for Looney Tune railroad crossing pictures and some train pictures (railroad crossings or railroad-crossing like places shown in Looney Tunes episodes whether from the early days of Looney Tunes or more modern more recent ones.)

I do understand that most of the railroad crossings, well some of them that were featured in the Looney Tunes cartoons will either be passive crossings (crossings with the X-shaped sign, called a "crossbuck" on a post, some being wigwag crossings, and some having black and white or black and yellow crossing gates but that is okay.

This is what I mean by crossbuck crossing or passive crossing, a crossing with no gates or lights on it, just the lonely crossbuck on a post.:


This is what I mean by wigwag crossing, a crossing signal with the swinging circle-shaped banner. I'll give two examples, one real one and one featured on an actual Looney Tune episode:

A Real One:

One featured in a classic Looney Tune episode by Tex Avery ("One Cab's Family"): For more see

You should already know what I mean by crossing gate.

Truth be told, I prefer modern crossing signals, the kind with alternating flashing red lights and I prefer red and white striped gates like these Flashing light crossing signal without gate: With red and white gate: 

Cartoon versions Crossing_Gate_from_The_Simpsons_Them_Robot_4B.png 

Or I could just show you a direct picture of what's my cryteria, pictures from my computer and that I drew myself
Railroad Crossing Signal and Gate Parts

How I prefer to see railroad crossing signals and gates

I know the crossing signal and gate I'm featuring isn't in a lot of Looney Tunes episodes but just in case there are, I'd like to see pictures of them.

But I would like to see screenshots of railroad crossings and trains ever featured in a Looney Tunes episode, including those with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, etc (e.g. "Porky's Picnic" Another episode "Streamlined Greta Green" I left links in the comments I left on those pages.

These are fine too 

Black and White Gates and Signals

Signals with black and white striped gates

Crossing Gate with Alternate Stripe Colors October 2, 2015

A black and yellow-striped gate

Although I strongly prefer red and white gates, I'll take black and white and black and yellow gates too, and I don't expect the gates to come with gate lights, I just like seeing gates with lights on them and drawing them but since most cartoons don't put lights on their gates I don't expect to see any, light-less gates are fine (although there was an episode with Daffy Duck that showed black and white gates with red lights on them.But instead of an actual train, it was a line of Daffy Ducks running by in a single-file line. It was possibly this episode

Like I said, I understand most of the crossings featured will either be crossbuck only crossings, wigwag crossings, or crossings with black-striped gates but I'd like to see them anyway, especially the gated crossings. I'd also like to add them to my profile page.

So if possible, any railroad crossing pictures not added to this Wikia, my request is that some be added, but only railroad crossings featured in an actual Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, or other Looney Tune, Bob Clampet, Tex Avery, etc cartoon. Train pictures too, although I can look for some myself and I found a few and added a couple to my Profile gallery already and will look for more after I'm finished with this blog.

I know this sounds like a silly thing to ask for and I know a lot of you are not into trains and especially crossings but if you see any pictures on this wikia, please show me, or please add any pictures not already included on this wikia. I'm a railroad crossing freak, well enthusiast and fanatic, both in real life and on cartoons and it's just something I'd like to see.

Until then, I'll just settle for this picture I put together last night of Bugs and Daffy standing near a real-world railroad crossing signal

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck at Railroad Crossing with modern flashing light signal

Cartoon characters Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck standing near a real world/non-cartoon railroad crossing signal in Tucson, Arizona

I wanted to ask this much earlier but I wasn't sure how to. I'm still not sure I asked right but I deciced to stop beating around the bush.

Thank you in advance and from the bottom of my heart.

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