• Looneytunerian

    Because of all these changes invovling manual of style, no more comment sections.

    The thing is, I used to come here to add in Looniful information and stuff, but now since this wiki's starting to get really strict by adding rules by having no comments section allowed,

    I am  not pleased wo what's been happening here.

    So I am moving myself over to the Warner Bros. Wiki, where I can be myself and where there's no stirct rules being added.

    I will only come back to this wiki to "copy and paste" all LT&MM information from this wiki and bring it over to the Warner Bros. Wiki.

    I had good times here before all these strict changes started to happen.

    You can block my account if you wish, but I am done with this wiki. Finished! Discharged! Through!

    In other…

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  • Looneytunerian

    So I just came across another version of a Looney Tunes Wiki: Loonipedia.

    Is anybody from this wiki starting a brand new Looney Tunes Wiki?

    Anybody know about this?

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  • Looneytunerian

    For those of you who have Looney Tunes Dash app on their mobile devices, there's a list of collector cards available in an article in the Looney Tunes Dash section.

    But it's imcomplete. 

    If you know how to post collector cards, please share them on FaceBook, so that we can be able to add them in the collector cards article. 

    Every little bit helps.

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  • Looneytunerian

    Everyone... get your tissues ready...

    I've just heard the bad news concerning about the future of Looney Tunes on DVD.After e-mailing about this question to Stu's Show, here was the response from Stu himself:

    The answer sadly is: there is NO FUTURE. 

    That's it.  We're done. Looney Tunes on DVD is no more... it's dead. :(

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  • Looneytunerian

    Guys, I have all these photos of the Looney Tunes Style Guides:

    But so far, no one's been able to contribute any high-quality scans of them for quite some time. 

    If anyone has got the money affoardable to match the prices, please buy the style guides and scan them for future references. 

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