I've been rearranging the galleries on this wiki, and I've noticed that the files on this wiki are often poorly named. By "poorly named", I mean that they're not terribly descriptive. At all.

For example, let's say I upload a file called "DaffyDuck.PNG." Can you guess what the file contains without looking at it first?

"Well," you say, "that's easy. It contains Daffy Duck." "Yeah," I retort, "but...

  • what cartoon is it from?
  • is it even from a cartoon at all?
  • If so, what comic book is it from?
  • What game is it from?
  • What show is it from?
  • What is Daffy DOING, even?"

It's a problem that's been wearing me down as of late, and while we can't change the past, we can change the future. Henceforth, I recommend that files we upload to this wiki be given clearer, more concise names. If the files are given more proper names...

  • They'll be easier to search for
  • They'll be easier to add to articles
  • I'll actually be able to arrange galleries without worrying whether I messed up the order or not

Here are my personal recommendations on how files should be named:

  • For box art: Productname box art.jpg
  • For screenshots: Cartoonname.png, Cartoonname title.png, Cartoonname 34.png, Cartoonname Daffy.png"
  • For character art: Charactername Cartoonname.png
  • For animated sprites: Gamename character action.gif
  • For magazine scans: Magazinename issue page.jpg, Magazinename issue page game.png


  • For box art: Taz-Mania Sega Genesis box art.jpg
  • For screenshots: Porky Pig's Feat.png, Porky Pig's Feat title.png, Porky Pig's Feat 34.png, Porky Pig's Feat Hot Foot.png, Porky Pig's Feat Daffy.png"
  • For character art: Elmer Fudd-Rabbit Fire.png
  • For animated sprites: LTDuckAmuck Ending.gif

The Steven Universe Wiki has a file naming system, why not us?

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