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  • Krazy Rabbit

    (I originally posted these on our Porky Pig 101 thread, but for the sake of making it easier to find, I'm moving it here.)

    I am very happy to report that I received my copy of Porky Pig 101 today (the pressed version!). I've only been able to skim through the set, but I have noticed a few minor flaws with it (likely the result of using interpositives instead of the original negatives). There was talk about certain scenes cut (such as "Porky the Wrestler" and "Porky's Movie Mystery"), which will also be addressed below.

    It is important to stress that none of this means that you shouldn't buy the set! I just want to spread information.

    • "Fish Tales" does not begin with the shield zooming in and still has "The Merry-go-Round Broke Down" over its openi…
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  • Krazy Rabbit

    If I were in charge of the Looney Tunes Platinum Collection, I would have these cartoons be on here.

    You know the deal, folks: everything in here is a product of its time.

    Please do not suggest music and music/effects-only audio tracks unless said tracks have already been released or have been proven to survive. Outside of what's been released on CD and DVD, I'm not sure exactly what survives and what doesn't.

    1. What's Cookin' Doc? (Academy Awards Animation Collection, but that release was the USA Turner print)
    2. Hot Cross Bunny
    3. The Heckling Hare (LTGC V2)
    4. Bugs Bunny Rides Again (LTGC V2)
    5. The Daffy Doc (LTGC V5)
    6. Tom Turk and Daffy (LT SS P&F)
    7. Daffy Doodles
    8. The Ducksters (LTCG V1)
    9. Porky's Road Race (LTGC V3)
    10. Bye, Bye Bluebeard (LTGC V3)
    11. Crowing Pains (LTGC V6…

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  • Krazy Rabbit

    The Boomerang France YouTube channel has uploaded a clip of New Looney Tunes with none other than Cecil Turtle!

    Here it is.

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  • Krazy Rabbit

    I hope this doesn't sound like too much to ask, but please take a moment to see my promotion request for Acme Head and tell me your honest opinion about whether you think I deserve the position or not.

    Here's the thread. Make your voice heard.

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  • Krazy Rabbit

    At the bottom of some of the pages, you may notice a template called at the bottom of the page, the system will list the article under "T" instead of "S."

    For whatever reason, placing the DEFAULTSORT template will act like as if you had added all of those categories at once, so if you want to get a lot of points adding a ton of categories to pages, by all means take on this project.

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