• Jjsthekid

    Seth Kearsley Interview

    August 11, 2013 by Jjsthekid

    I recently mini-interviewed Seth Kearsley (a director of The Looney Tunes Show in Season 2) on Twitter. It wasn't a huge interview or anything, since twitter has a word limit, but it was pretty cool. Here was our conversation, and has some things that may interest you guys:

    Me: Nice job on your Looney Tunes Show episodes, Seth! Going to miss the show when it ends, but I hope it ends well.

    Seth: thanks! It was a lot of fun. There are rumors of another Looney Tunes series that's more like the original shorts. We'll see!

    Me: That's great to hear, I'm sure many fans would love that. Will you be working on any other shows in the near future?

    Seth: I'm pitching, writing, finishing a pilot and doing work for the people who brought you Despicable Me. Be…

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