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I'll be adding a new kind of category

Grabbit July 20, 2016 User blog:Grabbit

Since a lot of TV shows (1960's - 1970's)  have theatrical shorts for TV distribution, I'll be adding some new pages (Example: Do or Diet [A "The Bugs Bunny Show" episode]) and types of categories to theatrical shorts (Examples: The Bugs Bunny Show Season 1 Cartoons, The Porky Pig Show Cartoons ect.) to help expand this wikia. In addition, I'll post snapshots and/or videos of certain shorts in the episode pages that I'm doing soon. Credit for all the information goes to Kevin McCorry. I found everything I'm using to update the pages on his website. You should check out his website, it's really cool! I included a link to it here - clicking on his name will take you to his website.

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