Note: The entire story was written by someone on DeviantArt. I didn't write it, but I thought was too cool not to share. The only parts I added to it are in square brackets [like these]. Here is the link to the story where it was originally posted (Full Story ).

[Insert Looney Tunes opening theme]

Episode Title: Deck The Halls Without Holly

[Insert Really Scent opening theme music]

Phineas and Ferb were sitting in the backyard watching the clouds as they came up with another crazy scheme to do to pass the remaining summer days. "Hmm...what are we gonna do today?" Phineas asked his good old stepbrother. Ferb was so entranced by the clouds. They already flew in the clouds with their Paper Pelican. "We could make our own shapes in the clouds," Phineas thought. It was a pretty good idea. But what else could they do?

"Just a few more seconds of isolated silence and we'll consider it," he said. That was when Isabella's Fireside Girl troop came in. They were all there except for one. "Hey, Isabella," Phineas greeted. "Hey, Phineas," said a downhearted Isabella. Phineas saw that Holly wasn't around. "Hey, where's Holly?" he asked. "Holly quit the fireside girls," Isabella answered. "What? But why?" Phineas asked. Adyson was rather angry and unpleasant with something. Probably had to do with the situation. "Well, it all started today at our lodge. It was show and tell day and it all came to when Holly went up for her turn," Isabella explained as it went into flashback mode.

  • flashback*

"Okay, Holly. What do you have for us today?" Isabella asked. "This is my pet rock, Ludwig!" Holly said as she presented a cute little rock with googly eyes, a little smile and some grass and leaves styled like Beethoven's hair. "Aww, he's so cute!" said Katie. "I like it!" said Ginger. "Isn't he just precious?" said Gretchen. "Oh, it's just a dumb rock. Everybody can make a pet out of those," Adyson blurted out. Everyone else gasped. "ADYSON! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT ABOUT LUDWIG!?" Holly said to her friend and fellow scout. "What? Rocks are just there for being a part of the earth, not a decorative companion! I could take a tree and put it in a dress and call it my dolly! But I don't make trees feel pretty that way!" Adyson replied. "HE'S MY FRIEND!" "HE'S A STUPID ROCK!" "FRIEND!" "ROCK!" "FRIEND!" "ROCK!" "HE'S MY FRIEND, AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO TALK BAD ABOUT HIM!" "I guess you care a lot about mindless rocks, CONSIDERING YOU ARE ONE!" That was the last straw. Holly gasped and said, "THAT'S IT! I DON'T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS!" She threw off her sash and beret and stormed for the door. "I...QUIT!" And with that she slammed it. "Good riddance..." said Adyson. "HOLLY! COME BACK!" Isabella called out.

  • end of flashback*

"So, now, we're one less scout member. And we want Holly back," said Isabella. "Oh no...that was harsh," Phineas said to Isabella. "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today. We're going to get Holly back!" "Hey, where's Perry?" Fireside Girl Gretchen asked.

Perry was over in his lair after coming in from one of his usual entrances. He walked over to his chair and set it on vibrate just for the heck of it. Monogram was sitting in a massage chair as well. Kinda like the one at the new mega store that Phineas was so into. "O-O-O-O-OH Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-YEAH! N-N-N-N-N-NICE, HUH, A-A-A-A-AGENT P?" the major asked his semi-aquatic agent. Carl came in explaining the details. "Okay, Agent P, since Monogram is busy with his new chair acting like he wants an earthquake in a bottle or lightning in a can, I'll tell you what's going on. Long story short: Doofenshmirtz is trying to recruit new members to help him in his conquest of the Tri-State Area. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna unplug the major's message chair before he starts getting all jumpy afterward," said Carl. "C-C-C-C-C-C-COME ON, C-C-C-C-C-CARL! L-L-L-L-L-LIVE A LITTLE!" said the wobbly major. "Oh, okay. What the heck?" Carl agreed. So now they were both shaking. Perry got out of his chair and felt wobbly himself.

So, the remaining girls and the boys got together. "Okay, we need to think of someway to get Holly to come back," Phineas said. "Forget it. She's done. She quit the troop. Threw in the towel. She's retired. She ain't coming back for the life of her. It's time to move on and put the past behind us!" Adyson said still not over that show and tell incident. "Come on, Adyson! You're not REALLY that angry with her," said Isabella. Deep down, Adyson was jealous of the pet rock. But she hid it up good. "So, anyone got any ideas?" Phineas wondered. No one could come up with anything. "There's one person who could help us, but it's not gonna be easy," said Ferb. They all turned to Candace. "No! I'm not gonna help you little runts get back your little friend just because of a stupid rock!" Candace refused. "SEE!? She gets it!" Adyson pointed out. "Come on, Candace," said Phineas. "You were a Fireside Girl for a day once." "Yeah, but it was to get into a concert," said Candace. "Doesn't matter! You still joined! So you must take an ode and help out a friend in need!" said Isabella. Candace then thought maybe they were right. She sighed and said, "Okay! You win! I'll help you get Holly back. Besides, it might be more fun than playing solitaire all solitary like." So it was agreed. Candace would help.

"DOOFENSHMIRTZ HOLDING AUDITIONS!" sang the DEI jingle singers. "Okay! Next!" said Doofenshmirtz. A robot that looked like the Famicom Robot from Japan showed up. "Okay, you! What have you got?" Heinz asked. The robot got out a little gyro disc thingy and fired it around the audition room. It beamed Doofenshmirtz in the back of the head. "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto," he said in a daze. "Next!" Then he heard a rustling from his desk drawer. "What's that?" he asked. Perry jumped out of the drawer with his fedora. "A platypus jumping out of my desk drawer?" Then Perry put on his fedora "PERRY the Platypus jumping out of my desk drawer!?" It was a little awkward. "Heh heh. Funny seeing you today of all days. But look. It's not an evil scheme, so much as it's a job filling. You see, you know about my robot man Norm?"

  • flashback*

"Well, after a few failed schemes and tasks I've given him, he wasn't the freshest egg in the nest. He failed to rob a bank, steal a car, and even get me a decent cup of coffee! You know how hot coffee in the lap is. Uuuhhhhh! *cringing* So, I had no choice but to fire him. And I needed a new robot to replace him."

  • end of flashback*

"So, here I am, holding auditions to find the right robot to fit as Norm's replacement. Just sit down and watch." Perry just sat there and watched. "Next!" Heinz yelled. Then came two robots also from Japan. "Boku wa Decoe!" said the yellow one. "Boku wa Bocoe!" said the gray one. "Okay, whatever it is you just said, I hope it was menacing," said Doofensmirtz. The robots got together and started combining together to form something strong yet clumsy. And it tripped and fell on its face, splitting the two apart. "Yeah, I didn't have a sign that said "No clumsy oafs", clumsy oafs. NEXT!" said Doof.

So, anyway, Candace had a plan to make sure that it was a way for Holly to forgive Adyson. "You see, when you show a feeling to someone that may seem like anger, it's real a sign of jealousy," said Candace. "Would I be jealous of a pet rock?" Adyson asked. Then she suddenly had the guilt eat her up. She suddenly broke and said, "...YES! YES I WOULD!" she said in a fright. "OKAY FINE! I ADMIT IT! I WAS JEALOUS OF LUDWIG!" Adyson admitted. "I WANT HOLLY BACK!" "That's more like it," said Isabella. She was smiling with joy that Adyson knew it was just jealousy. "Here," said Candace. She handed Adyson something. It was a musical number of apology. "I see. So if I sing this, Holly is sure to forgive me?" Adyson said hopefully. "I'm sure of it," said a smiling Candace.

Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb were over at Holly's house and knocked on the door. "HOLLY!" Phineas called. "IF YOU'RE A PERSON WHOSE NAME STARTS WITH AD- AND ENDS WITH -YSON, GET LOST!" Holly yelled. "No, it's us! Phineas and Ferb!" Phineas called back. Holly then opened the door. "What is it?" she asked a little bummed from her feud with her friend. "Look. We heard about what happened, and we want you to come with us to see that Adyson wants to make amends with you," said Phineas. "HA HA! LIKE THAT WOULD HAPPEN! But why not? I could use a good laugh about an attempt. Let's go see it," Holly mocked and agreed.

Back with Doof and Perry, Doof's been through just about every robot audition. "Anyone else?" asked an exhausted Doofenshmirtz. Actually, there were no more auditions. "Okay! Thanks for stopping by! Don't call me, I'll call you." All the robots who auditioned left. "So, Perry the Platypus, what did you think?" he asked Perry. Perry thought they were all terrible. "YEAH! THEY WERE ALL TERRIBLE! ESPECIALLY THAT ONE THAT HAD THE POWER TO USE HIS HEAT VISION JUST TO MAKE TOAST! I'm gonna have to face it! I need Norm back!" That was when a familiar voice come into range. "HI THERE!" said the voice. It was Norm! "NORM!" said Heinz. The robot and his creator got together and hugged each other. Perry smiled.

Holly was over at the Fireside Clubhouse in the back so that it was big. "OKAY, WHERE ARE YOU, YOU BIG ROCK HATER!!!" Holly asked in pure hatred. That was when the lights dimmed down and Adyson appeared on a stage with hearts and smiles in the border. " are ya?" she said to her friend. Adyson sang the song Candace wrote for her.

Song: I'm Sorry, Holly Genre: Love and Friendship Montage: An onstage performance by Adyson singing to Holly and apologizing for the way she acted.

Lyrics Adyson: Hey there, my friend Holly I remember the times so jolly You and me, we've been so much together

I didn't mean to mock Ludwig your friendly rock All I did was making clouds block our sunny weather

I admit I was extreme jealous But you didn't have to be rebellious That was wrong to what I said to a friend

If you come back to 46231 I know we'll still have more fun You and me, Holly, until the end I'm sorry, Holly

  • end song*

Holly smiled so happily like Linda did from Candace's song for her birthday. "Holly, I really am sorry for hurting your feelings. And Ludwig's too," Adyson apologized. "And I'm sorry I quit the troop," Holly apologized. "So will you come back? You and Ludwig?" asked Adyson. Holly thought for a moment and said, "Yes. Yes we will." With that, the two hugged each other and the others said, "AWWWWWWW!" "That's actually very sweet," said Candace.

DEI Doofenshmirtz gave Norm a new assignment. "Okay, Norm, for your first task, GET RID OF THOSE REJECTS I TRIED TO REPLACE YOU WITH!" he ordered. "TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!" Norm shouted. He grabbed the other robots, tied them to a rocket, and fired them off into the late night sky. "Glad to have you back, buddy," said Heinz. Perry then looked and wondered if they were gonna fight. " fight. You can go," said Norm. Perry just left. "So, how about some coffee? No lap heat, please."

The rejected robots then flew through the night sky. "CURSE YOU, NORM THE-Wait! Is that Adyson the Fireside Girl?" the other robots said looking down and in the languages they were programmed with. They all fell and came down to rubble somewhere else. They made fireworks from the rocket. Holly put her beret and sash back on. "Welcome back, sister!" said Adyson. "It's good to be home!" said Holly. They embraced in another hug. "Are you gonna be here hugging all night?" Ferb asked. "Give us time. We've got a lot of catching up on our friendship to do," said Adyson. "Then we'll just watch and and bask in the moment of a restored friendship," said Candace. "Now where can I get a pet rock?"

  • fade out*

[Looney Tunes end music]

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