• Goku Kakarot

    I wish to give a very happy 75th birthday to one of the greatest icons in the history of animation, Bugs Bunny. Some may argue that Bugs' debut was in 1938's "Porky's Hare Hunt", but I think the general consensus is that 1940's "A Wild Hare" was the first cartoon short to feature the definitive version of Bugs. Since that cartoon was originally released to theaters on July 27, 1940, that would make today its 75th anniversary. It's a shame that the media doesn't seem to be making a big deal out of this milestone anniversary. When Bugs hit his 50th birthday in 1990 (the year I was born), there were apparently all sorts of tributes to him by celebrities and others. Just check out the "Happy Birthday Bugs: 50 Looney Years" special on YouTube i…

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