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EDIT 7/24/13: Members may disregard this. He is back and is now an admin on the site once more. Thank you  --ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1

Yes, the rumors were true. I'm leaving Looney Tunes Wiki. It's been fun working on this site, but those times have come to an end.

Why am I leaving?

Things just aren't the same anymore. It's not because of my demotion. I feel like this community isn't as great as it used to be. Things have changed. I have a feeling this wiki's Golden Age is long behind us.

Plus, Wikia is very addictive. I need to spend my time on other things.

Messages to my Friends

  • LevenThumps: I have very high hopes for you. You're a great editor, but more importantly, a good guy.  As long as you continue to help this wiki, I know it will eventually become successful again. It's too bad I don't know you from any other wikis. I'll really miss you.
  • Teleram: The key to awesomeness is the power of funny YouTube videos.
  • ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1: You're a pretty fast editor. I know you'll succeed in life.

Closing Message

Farewell, Looney Tunes Wiki. It's not easy letting go, but it's for the best. You've all been great. I wish good luck to this entire community. Good-bye.

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