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    School Sucks

    September 13, 2013 by ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1
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    Hello folks. It has been decided by the staff (Leven, Fred, and myself) that we will be getting rid of all Histeria! and Freakazoid media on this wiki.

    The reason for this decision is because, despite a few cameo appearences, they have no connection to the Looney Tunes what so ever.

    This also brings a update to the other huge project - Histeria Wiki will no longer be redirected to here or merged, and the current existing Freakazoid Wiki will stay as is right now.

    We apologize if we're removing features of the site that you found interesting, but this is to make the Looney Tunes wiki a better resource for purely Looney Tunes related information, not information that doesn't serve a purpose.

    On behath of the staff,

    ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1 (talk)…

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    Hello folks. We have very exciting news.

    We are going to be merging multiple dead wikis here to collect information and media, expanding the wiki into a better community.

    The list of wikis that shall be merged is here:

    Looney Tunes: Back in Action Wiki (Finished)

    Space Jam Wiki (Finished)

    Pinky and the Brain Wiki (Finished)

    Taz-Mania Wiki (Finished)

    The "Unofficial" Looney Tunes Fanon Wiki (Finished)

    Looney Tunes Meals Wiki (Finished)

    The "Unofficial" Looney Tunes Wiki (Finished)

    Duck Dodgers Wiki (Finished)

    Baby Looney Tunes Wiki

    Also, we are going to be gaining affilates, and losing some as well. All Wikis we are affilated with will be official, not just placed on a page. We have affiliated with a few new wikis, so say hello to these wikis:

    Looney Tu…

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    So I was looking through some of the unused photos and such, and I found a ton of non Looney Tunes images, even an entire category for them!

    This is a Looney Tunes Wiki, not a place to just post random pictures for no reason.

    That's why I believe we should implant a rule that all media (pictures, videos, etc.) should be Looney Tunes (or Looney Tunes Wiki) related only, and if you want to link to a non Looney Tunes/Looney Tunes Wiki video or picture to someone else, you should just link it instead of uploading it on the wiki. The strike count would probably be 3 or 4 before we ban them permantly.

    An extention to the rule could be that Fanon images aren't allowed (which I believe may already be a rule, but I'm not sure).

    So, what is your guy's o…

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