(Sigh). How shocking and tragic to learn, research, and hear about a famous guy who was considered to voice Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester Cat, Tweety, and other Looney Tunes characters we know had passed away last month ago who goes by the name of Joe Alaskey. He was like a new generation of Mel Blanc to me. In fact, he truly did a really good job with his Mel Blanc impression while he voiced those characters that're LT or non-LT over the years., since, of course, Mel Blanc was a world's popular cartoon voice actors of all times and continues to inspire many of past and today's voices actors worldwide, including Joe.

I wish he was alive today because I love with his 1930s or 40s-ish voice accent as he voiced those cartoons characters, including Looney Tunes characters.

Despite I'm glad that Looney Tunes characters already got other voice actors, sometimes they aren't the same as Joe Alaskey.

So what're your thoughts about Joe Alaskey? Comment below please.

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