Tweety is a 1953 Tell-A-Tale book with art by Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc. and an adaptation by Fred Abranz and Don MacLaughlin. The story is told in rhyme.


Tweety lives in a tree near Kalamazoo with a lot of other birds. Every time it rains, they get wet. Since Tweety is the only one who has a house, he always tells the birds to build their own houses. Meanwhile, Sylvester, having heard of the tree near the zoo, gets nine other cats to go there with him. Tweety sees the cats arriving and tells the other birds. They feel that they must fly, but Tweety feels that if they have a dog, they could fend off the cats. Tweety finds a bulldog named Lou and takes him to the tree. When the cats arrive, Lou jumps out from behind the tree and scares the cats away. After that, the rest of the birds build houses.

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