Trix Current Cereal Box

Current version of the Trix cereal box.


A retro version of the Trix cereal box.

Trix is a brand of breakfast cereal made by General Mills in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the North American market and by Cereal Partners (using the Nestlé brand) elsewhere in the world. The cereal consists of fruit-flavored, sweetened, ground-corn pieces. They were originally spherical cereal pieces, but in 1991, were changed to puffed fruit-shaped pieces. In 2006, they reverted to their original shape in the United States and some other places; in Mexico they kept the fruit shape.

This commercial features Bugs Bunny helping the Trix Rabbit with a better disguise.

In 1985, a special edition version of The Looney Tunes Video Show Volume 1 was released as a mail-in offer from Trix cereal.