Tom Kane
Tom Kane
General information
Born: Thomas Kane Roberts
April 15, 1962
Overland Park, Kansas, U.S.
Cause of death:
Alternate names:
Occupation(s): Voice actor
Years active: 1982–present

Thomas Kane Roberts, better known as Tom Kane, (born April 15, 1962) is an American voice actor. He is best known for his roles as of Professor Utonium and HIM on the series, The Powerpuff Girls.

Looney Credits

Duck Dodgers episodes:

  • Duck Deception / The Spy Who Didn't Love Me (2003) - The President of Outer Space / Rebel (voice)
  • The Fudd (2004) - Walter Carbonite / Cooter / Crewmember (voice)
  • Of Course You Know, This Means War and Peace: Part 1 (2005) - Walter Carbonite / Nostrillian Captain (voice)
  • Of Course You Know, This Means War and Peace: Part 2 (2005) - Walter Carbonite / Nostrillian Captain (voice)
  • Boar to Be Riled/Clean Bill of Health (2005) - Walter Carbonite (voice)
  • A Lame Duck Mind (2005) - The President of Outer Space (voice)

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