Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery is a 1995 hour-long Tiny Toon Adventures TV special, and is also the last Tiny Toons media created.


VHS Cover


Babs Bunny hosts the show. It consists of horror spoofs. There are nine in total and all of them are non-canon.

The Tell-Tale Vacuum

This parody of Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart stars Hampton and Plucky.

Sneezer the Sneezing Ghost

It stars Furrball in a Casper parody.

The Devil Dog on the Moors

Tells the story of the Devil Dog, a normal dog who goes insane.


A parody of the film Duel

The Devil and Daniel Webfoot

A parody of The Devil and Daniel Webster

Hold That Duck

Starring Plucky Duck

Night of the Living Devil

A Parody of Night of the Living Dead

Frankenmyra and Dizzygor

A parody of Frankenstein, with Elmyra as the monster. The Brain makes a cameo.

A Gremlin on a Wing

A parody of The Twilight Zone

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