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The Two Curious Puppies are Looney Tunes characters created by Chuck Jones. All of their cartoons were reissued except Dog Tired.


These two unnamed dogs, one a golden boxer with brown ears and white paws, the other a white puppy with black patches tend to work against each other while competing for a bone or exploring their surroundings.


Their first appearance was in Dog Gone Modern where they explore "The House of Tomorrow". They appear near Bugs Bunny (prototype) in Prest-O Change-O. Next they appeared, not as pals, in The Curious Puppy where the boxer chases the puppy in a closed amusement park. Their next short, Stage Fright, takes place backstage at an old theater. Next they appeared in Dog Tired, exploring a zoo full of both strange and fierce animals. Their final short appearance was in Snow Time for Comedy where they competed for a bone across the frozen lake and snow-covered hills.

Their latest appearance was a cameo in Looney Tunes: Back In Action.



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