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The Rich Girl's Apartment is an location in Tiny Toon Adventures. It appears in the A Cat's Eye View segment Homeward Bound.


The Apartment appears to be an home, which is located in center of ACME Acres. In this house, the Millionaire and his wife live with their daughter, two cats and the small kitten. It contains two bedrooms, dinner room, kitchen and bathroom.


The apartment first appears at begining of the cartoon. One day, homeless Furrball sees the home, looks into its window and observates the rich couple getting ready to go to the walk with their daughter. After they leave, our cartoon character comes into the home. Inside, he meets the kitten and gets warm with her. But Furrbal is seen angry by the small kitten's parents. When the millionaires come back, they refuse their daughter's pleasure to let keep Furball. After the blue cat is kicked out from the house, the Peasants and their son keep warm next to the rich family's apartment. The young boy looks into the window and observates the millionaires giving their daughter the dinner. But after the Rich Girl's Father pulls down the window shade, the sad boy goes to the end of sidewalk. The Rich Girl's apartment is last seen when the Peasants son hugs Furball.


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