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The Queen Was in the Parlor

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The Queen Was in the Parlor
Queen was in the parlor
Directed By: Rudolf Ising
Produced By: Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising
Leon Schlesinger
Released: July 9, 1932
Series: Merrie Melodies
Animation: Isadore Freleng
Paul J. Smith
Film Editor:
Voiced By:
Music: Frank Marsales
Starring: Goopy Geer
Preceded By: Bosko's Dog Race
Succeeded By: Bosko at the Beach

The Queen Was in the Parlor is a 1932 short film starring Goopy Geer.


When the king returns to his castle, he questions where the queen is. He is told that she's in the parlor, and won't be seen. He goes to his throne, and his jester arrives Goopy Geer. Eventually a black knight arrives and threatens a young lady in court. Goopy attempts to battle him with an ax, then with armor made from kitchen utensils, and lastly butting with a mounted animal head, which results in the black knight losing all of his armor. He repairs it and runs away.


The Queen Was in The Parlor06:47

The Queen Was in The Parlor

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