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'The Plucky Duck Show'
General information
Genre: Animated series
Created by: Tom Ruegger
Starring: Joe Alaskey
Don Messick
Charlie Adler
Tress MacNeille
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 13
Running time:
Original run: 1992

The Plucky Duck Show was a short-lived 1992 spin-off of Tiny Toon Adventures that featured Plucky Duck.


The show follows the adventures of Plucky Duck, a teen-aged university student whose mentor is Daffy. Like Daffy, Plucky's exploits are often quests for fame or fortune.


Thirteen episodes were produced for the series, with all but one recycled from Tiny Toons.

Main article: Tiny Toon Adventures Episode Guide and List


Being largely recycled, the cast is the same as in the source, Tiny Toon Adventures.

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