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The Peasant Boy is an one-time character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the A Cat's Eye View segment Homeward Bound.


As his name says it all, The Peasant Boy is shown to be an homeless couple's son. He is a small, poor boy with dark brown hair, who wears a brown hat, a tan jacket with a green scarf, grey pants and black shoes.


After Furrball is kicked out from The Rich Little Girl and kitten's home, the Peasant Boy and his parents are seen outside next to carbage can lighting in the nearby carbage can to keep warm. As he sees The Rich Little Girl having a home-cooked dinner from her mom and father, he waves to her. After the girl's father pulls down the window shade, the poor boy goes to the end of sidewalk, sits down and starts crying. Meanwhile, Furrball who is inside carbage can, feels sorry to him, takes a half-eaten can of fish from it and decides to share it with him. The young boy notices the blue cat and happily hugs him.


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