The Looney Tunes Video Show was the first Looney Tunes home video collection.[1] All 19 volumes were released in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Each video tape features seven cartoons, and opens with a plain, static version of The Looney Tunes Video Show title card with the 1955-1964 Merrie Melodies opening music playing over it.

The Looney Tunes Video Show offers a wider range of post-48 cartoons shorts, ranging from the classic years (August 1948- August 1964) to the less popular Dark Age years (October 1964- September 1969). This is the only Looney Tunes VHS collection to include cartoon shorts from the lesser-known DFE (1964-1967) and WB-7A (1967-1969) eras. In terms of picture quality, the prints of the cartoons in each tape appear to be more faded than later VHS releases.


[citation needed|date=]

Cover Title Cartoons on Tape
De77eb6709a01166509e1110.L Volume 1
The Looney Tunes Video Show 2 Volume 2
The Looney Tunes Video Show 3 Volume 3
Looney Tunes Video Show 4 (Spanish) Volume 4
N/A Volume 5
N/A Volume 6
N/A Volume 7
N/A Volume 8
N/A Volume 9
N/A Volume 10
N/A Volume 11
N/A Volume 12
N/A Volume 13
N/A Volume 14
N/A Volume 15
N/A Volume 16
N/A Volume 17
N/A Volume 18
N/A Volume 19


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