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The Looney Tunes Video Show was the first Looney Tunes home video collection.[1] All 19 volumes were released in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Each video tape features seven cartoons, and opens with a plain, static version of The Looney Tunes Video Show title card with the 1955-1964 Merrie Melodies opening music playing over it.

The Looney Tunes Video Show offers a wider range of post-48 cartoons shorts, ranging from the classic years (August 1948- August 1964) to the less popular Dark Age years (October 1964- September 1969). This is the only Looney Tunes VHS collection to include cartoon shorts from the lesser-known DFE (1964-1967) and WB-7A (1967-1969) eras, until the Bugs and Friends European VHS tapes came out in 1997. In terms of picture quality, the prints of the cartoons in each tape tend to appear more inferior than later VHS releases.


[citation needed|date=]

Cover Title Cartoons on Tape
De77eb6709a01166509e1110.L Volume 1
The Looney Tunes Video Show 2 Volume 2
The Looney Tunes Video Show 3 Volume 3
Looney Tunes Video Show 4 (Spanish) Volume 4
N/A Volume 5
N/A Volume 6
N/A Volume 7
N/A Volume 8
N/A Volume 9
N/A Volume 10
N/A Volume 11
N/A Volume 12
N/A Volume 13
N/A Volume 14
N/A Volume 15
N/A Volume 16
N/A Volume 17
N/A Volume 18
N/A Volume 19


  • The cartoons appearing on The Looney Tunes Video Show volumes 8-19 exist only in PAL format unlike volumes 1-7 where the cartoons exist in both NTSC and PAL formats, due to them originally mastered in 576p resolution.
  • Most of these cartoons from this video collection (along with cartoons coming from the Golden Jubilee VHS tapes) are time-compressed to PAL speed when shown on Cartoon Network/Boomerang in USA (despite being in NTSC countries) for some reason, perhaps for time, although, not likely, because the airings of pre-1948 cartoons air at NTSC speed despite pre-1948 cartoons generally running longer than post-1948 cartoons.


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