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The Good Egg (Merrie Melodies)

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The Good Egg
Good egg
Directed By: Chuck Jones
Produced By: Leon Schlesinger
Henry Binder (uncredited)
Released: October 21, 1939
Series: Merrie Melodies
Story: Dave Monahan
Animation: Ken Harris
Bob McKimson (uncredited)
Film Editor: Treg Brown
Voiced By: Mel Blanc
Sara Berner
Bernice Hansen
Music: Carl W. Stalling
Preceded By: The Little Lion Hunter
Succeeded By: Fresh Fish

The Good Egg is a 1939 Merrie Melodies cartoon.


A hen with no chicks adopts a leftover turtle egg, which obviously hatches into a turtle. Naturally, the turtle does not fit in nicely with the baby chicks. The turtle becomes the butt of jokes for the chicks, until real danger happens.


The EU dubbed uses the 1941-55 cue while the US uses the original ending cue.

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