The Carl Stalling Project, Volume 2: More Music From Warner Bros. Cartoons 1939-1957 is a 1995 Warner Bros. Records soundtrack album featuring more of Carl W. Stalling's scores from various Warner Bros. cartoons.

Track listings

  1. Zoom And Bored
  2. Stage Fright
  3. The High And The Flighty
  4. Bad Swiss Band
  5. Marching Pink Elephants
  6. The Slap Hoppy Mouse
  7. Orchestra Gag
  8. Variation On Grandfather's Clock
  9. Variation On Chinatown My Chinatown
  10. Variation On Lucky Day
  11. Wind-Up Doll
  12. Guided Muscle
  13. Fall And Splat-SFX
  14. Ghost Wanted (1940)
  15. The Unexpected Pest
  16. Drunk La Cucaracha
  17. Flea-Ridden Sheep Dog
  18. Golf Cue
  19. Barbary Coast Bunny
  20. Satan's Waitin' (Excerpt)
  21. Rubber Dog
  22. Pappy's Puppy
  23. Variations On La Danza
  24. Variations On Johann Strauss
  25. Kangaroo-SFX
  26. Mouse-taken Identity
  27. Variations On Mexican Hat Dance
  28. Frazzled Coyote

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