The Bugs Bunny Show Episode 7 is an episode of The Bugs Bunny Show, originally airing on November 22nd, 1960.


Daffy Duck's latest attempt to get on the show is to disguise himself as Bugs Bunny, but it doesn't end well, as a certain Sheepdog is attempting to find the bunny-rabbit that he saw on the TV the previous week. While Daffy is chased by the Sheepdog, Bugs Bunny introduces cartoons.

Cartoons Featured


Daffy and the Sheepdog

DAFFY: (wearing a rabbit suit to look somewhat like Bugs): "Now? Hmm? Yes? Now? Okay? Now?"

BUGS: (off stage to the left, gesturing with his cane): "You're on. It's all yours."

DAFFY: (bites carrot and chews a la Bugs): "Tonight, folks, we are inaugurating a new policy. I personally will do most of the entertaining since I personally have most of the talent."

SHEEPDOG: (off stage to the right, with lights and a stage door sign behind him): "Rolf, rolf, reef, rolf, rolf, ralf, rolf, rolf. (moves in circles) Which way did he go? Which way did he go? Where's the little bunny-rabbit I saw on TV last week? Hmm? Hmm? Which way did he go? I have to catch him. (stops his circling and looks at camera) Actually, I am a sheepdog by trade, but this is my day off."

DAFFY: "Now, folks--"

SHEEPDOG: (pounces and jumps on top of Daffy): "At last. At last. I have caught a bunny-rabbit."

DAFFY: (pushing sheepdog off of him and standing): "Just a cotton-tailed minute, Rover. I am not no bunny-rabbit. (rubs dog hair off of his bunny costume) I am a duck."

SHEEPDOG: "A duck?"

DAFFY: "Yes, a duck."

SHEEPDOG: (suddenly advances to be literally nose-to-eye with Daffy): "All right, if you are a duck, how come you have long ears?"

DAFFY: (stepping backward from sheepdog and trying to conceal the conspicuous rabbit ears of his bunny costume): "Well, I, ah. It's, ah, well, it's, it's simple. You see, ah, well. That's, that's easy to explain. I--"

BUGS: (at left corner of stage next to a "nature study" sign): "While he's explaining, let's take a trip with Sylvester."