The Bugs Bunny Show Episode 6 is an episode of The Bugs Bunny Show, originally airing on November 15th, 1960.


Bugs Bunny is playing with music, while the cartoons that play all involve music. Daffy Duck plays the drums, and Bugs does an impression of "What Frankie would be like if he was imitating Rickie imitating Elvis". While this all happening, their music wakes up Yosemite Sam, who happened to be living in a neighboring area, and causes him to come over to the studio and destroy Bugs and Daffy's instruments.

Cartoons Featured


Tune Tussle: Bugs and Yosemite Sam

BUGS: (holding a guitar): "And now, folks, I will do an imitation of Frankie doing an imitation of Rickie imitating Elvis. (starts playing guitar and dancing by rapidly bending and unbending legs) Gee Whiz Willigans. Golly-gee. I love my gir-r-r-l, and she loves me. (flutters eyebrows suggestively at camera) Is my baby sweet? Sugar, candy, apple pie. When the two of us meet, oooh, yeah, I decide! (widens eyes for emphasis) Gee Whiz Willigans. Golly-gee. She's the prettiest thing you see. Gee Whiz Willigans. Golly-gee. Oh, I love my gir-r-r-l, and she loves me. And she loves me. And she loves me. (Yosemite Sam, in white pyjamas and slippers, runs from his domicile adjacent to the studio of The Bugs Bunny Show, enters studio, and confronts Bugs on stage) And she loves me."

YOSEMITE SAM: "Can't ya see I'm trying to sleep?! (grabs guitar from Bugs) Give me that instrument, ya buck-toothed varmint!" (pulls and tears strings from the guitar while mumbling incoherently against Bugs' musical sense, then hands Bugs the wrecked instrument and walks off stage)

YOSEMITE SAM: (after storming into the studio with his rifle in hand and twisting a miniature- capped Bugs' next musical device, a trumpet, into knots): "Here. (hands to Bugs the knotted trumpet) Now, if I hear just one peep, one little freep, I'll blast ya." (Bugs scratches his head while examining the damage to his trumpet, and Sam departs, uttering unintelligible curses) BUGS: (twirling his finger): "Ah, let's see now. The middle valve goes down, and the music goes round and round, and it comes out here. (points at rim of trumpet horn, then looks at camera) You know, folks, it may take awhile to figure this out. So, in the meantime, what do you say we look in on a real cool cat named Sylvester?"