The Bugs Bunny Show Episode 19 is an episode of The Bugs Bunny Show, originally aired on February 14, 1961.


Bugs Bunny demonstrates how to draw an animated cartoon character. He decides to use Daffy Duck as an example and draws Daffy from a dumbbell.

Cartoons Featured


Animation Lesson Drawing Daffy

BUGS (taps his cap): "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is a sort of an educational night. We thought you might find it informative to see how we go about drawing an animated cartoon character. Now, of all characters, a duck is the easiest to draw because a duck is almost laughably simple and stupid himself. (places cane on a hanger, sits at an animator desk situated on stage, and lifts a paintbrush) First, you draw a dumbbell. (draws a black one) Add some eyes. Eh, little, pink, sneaky ones are best. (does so) Then, a few feathers, some skinny wings, and some silly, flat feet." (Bugs has drawn Daffy minus a beak, and the Daffy figure on the animator canvass frowns and lifts a sign reading, "How about a mouth, Jack?")

BUGS: "Oh, yeah. A mouth or a bill. (adds the desired item to Daffy's profile) Ducks always have bills. A-heh-heh-heh! Delinquent bills, that is. Heh-heh-heh!"

DAFFY (after extending his tongue and licking his newly acquired beak): "All right, you two-bit Rembrandt. You've finally done it. Humiliating me in front of all of my friends. Ducks always have bills. Ho-ho. Very funny."


  • Production Number: 1597