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The Brave Little Bat
Brave bat
Directed By: Charles M. Jones
Produced By: Leon Schlesinger
Released: September 27, 1941
Series: Merrie Melodies
Story: Rich Hogan
Animation: Rudy Larriva
Film Editor: Treg Brown
Voiced By: Margaret Hill-Talbot
Marjorie Tarlton
Leone Ledoux
Music: Carl W. Stalling
Starring: Sniffles
Preceded By: Notes to You
Succeeded By: The Bug Parade
The Brave Little Bat is a 1941 Sniffles Merrie Melodies cartoon.


Sniffles' car breaks down, so he takes refuge in an old windmill. The keeper of the windmill is a talkative bat which is similar to Sniffles. There also happens to be a cat with a hungry appetite.


The Brave Little Bat Clip 102:57

The Brave Little Bat Clip 1

The Brave Little Bat Clip 202:56

The Brave Little Bat Clip 2

The Brave Little Bat Clip 301:56

The Brave Little Bat Clip 3

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