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The Black Widow is the 41st episode of The Looney Tunes Show.

The Black Widow
Season: 2
Episode #: 41
Directed by: Seth Kearsley
Written by: Hugh Davidson
Larry Dorf
Rachel Ramras
Merrie Melodies: None
Date aired: April 23, 2013
Previous episode: Spread Those Wings and Fly
Next episode: Mrs. Porkbunny's


Gossamer asks Daffy if he would like to play football, then informs Daffy that he is on spring break. Daffy, after point out all the time Gossamer has off school, rejects Gossamer's offer for playing football, then plays with his toys. Afterwards, Daffy asks Bugs if he wants to go to Acapulco for spring break. Bugs to tell Daffy that spring break is for students only. Lola arrives to watch a movie called The Black Window. Then Daffy invites a lot of friends to travel in Acapulco. Porky calls Daffy and wants to go on spring break with him, so he gives in and agrees. When Lola's mom looses her bracelet, is up to Lola and Bugs to find it. Meanwhile, Daffy and Porky arrive at Mexico. They then board the bus that reads "Tacapulco" rather than "Acapluco". Bugs wakes up after, then goes out to get his newspaper, and Walter Bunny come on, who panics about losing his wife's diamond bracelet. He then holds up a card reading "The Black Widow" and wants Bugs helps, not wanting his wife to know.After, Lola admits reveals she went to other various places before returning home. Daffy and Porky.. Mexican prison....resulting in the reuniting of Speedy Gonzales and Slowpoke Rodriguez.



  • Elton John is in the Daffy's list to invite friends to travel to Acapulco.
  • While Daffy was choosing a place to travel in spring break, it is possible to see a pamphlet's Jamica, making a reference to the Cool Runnings disney film.
  • In this episode is shown the number of Porky's cellphone: 555-0134. And yours profile photo is it eating pizza.
  • This is the third time Daffy has been in jail, the first being in Jailbird and Jailbunny and the second being Off Duty Cop. Also, this marks Bugs' third time in jail.
  • In the Jail, there was a Wanted poster of Yosemite Sam.


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