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The Bigfoot in Bed
The Bigfoot in Bed
Series: Wabbit
Season: 1
Episode #: 7 (4a)
Written by: Erik Kuska
Date aired: September 22, 2015
Previous episode: Leaf It Alone
Next episode: World Wide Wabbit

The Bigfoot in Bed is the 7th episode of Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Prod. It first aired 22 Sep 2015.

Plot Summary

Bigfoot pops in for an unexpected visit, and Bugs decides it's high time Bigfoot learned a few things regarding etiquette.



Bugs Bunny Jeff Bergman
Bigfoot Matthew Mercer


  • When Bigfoot takes the Bugs Bunny's clothes, there is a clear reference of Bugs Bunny's shorts: The Viking woman costume form What's Opera, Doc?; The Superman costume from Super-Rabbit; and the Bugs'Tuxedo.
  • Squeaks the Squirrel should to appears in this episode, since he and Bugs live together.

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