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Time Travel


Sylvester came to Daffy (as a bartender) to get a club soda with lots of ice. Ironically, it's the same time as the Titanic came to the iceberg.



Sylvester uses his spaceship to defeat Tweety Borg. Tweety Borg transformed Sylvester into a rubix cube.


Granny won the Denture Tossing Contest and won a lot of fake teeth. She slipped on an ice cube and the teeth bit on Sylvester's body.



5 The Bermuda Short03:13

5 The Bermuda Short


  • The Past segment parodies the movie Titanic.
  • The Present segment parodies the Ghost of Christmas Present from A Christmas Carol.
  • The Future segment parodies the tv show Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • The cartoon takes place in the month of April.

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