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Tear Factor is a webtoon in which Granny decides to make Yosemite Sam, Daffy Duck and Sylvester to cry. The one who doesn't cry gets to win.



Yosemite Sam

The razor shaved Sam's beard. Sam claimed it took him 20 years for the beard. He cries and gets kicked out.

Daffy Duck

His head got shaved. He claimed, "Is that all you got, razor? You couldn't shave the fuzz of a peach!"


He scared the razor away.

Pull the Rope

Yosemite Sam

He pulled the rope and brown snakes came out. He ate the snakes and said they taste like chicken.

Daffy Duck

He pulled the rope and green snakes came. A boulder crushed him. Darts were thrown at him. He cries and gets kicked out.


He pulled the rope and got eaten by a snake.


Yosemite Sam

He ate an insect grub sandwich. He thought it tasted like chicken.

Daffy Duck

Daffy ate a jalapeño sandwich which made him breathe fire.


Sylvester ate a sandwich which is made from his own finger. He cries and gets kicked out.


Yosemite Sam

He said he never won everything in his whole life. He cried.

Daffy Duck

Daffy got taken in by a man at an office and cried.


He got packaged in a container in an airplane and cried.


Voice cast


Looney Tunes Reality Check Tear Factor03:01

Looney Tunes Reality Check Tear Factor


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