Taz in Toyland
Taz in Toyland
Series: Baby Looney Tunes
Season: One
Episode No. 1a
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Written By: Julie McNally Cahill
Timothy Cahill
Tom Minton (story editor)
Released: September 7, 2002
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Taz in Toyland is the first segment of the premiere episode of Baby Looney Tunes.


The title is a play on the 1961 film Babes in Toyland.


Taz keeps breaking all of his toys and Granny challenges him to take care of a toy she finds for him. But out of fear it will break, Taz is afraid to do anything with it until he learns the secret behind the toy.

Full Summary

One day, the babies are all in the playroom when Taz carelessly breaks one of his toys. After he starts to cry, Granny walks in to find him in tears, but she isn't sympathetic after she spots the pile of several other toys he recently broke. She calms him down but scolds him for being so careless and decides that instead of a new toy, an older one would be best. So grabs a toy and hands it to Taz, and tells him to take good care of it before she leaves the room.

Taz, worried over not getting any other toys should he fail, begins to carefully watch the toy. At first things seem to go fine, but with the babies all suggesting dangerous activities that could hurt the toy he panics and quickly takes cover with some blocks.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Sylvester chases after Tweety when he gets fed up playing baby with him. Tweety takes shelter in the small block area Taz made for himself until it starts to shake from Sylvester and Tweety messing with it.

Just when things seem to have calmed down, Taz accidentally trips and finds the toy slumped over, as if broken. As he cries Granny comes back into the room and quickly calms him down again. She reveals he did well after all, and that the toy is meant to do this, showing him by pressing the button on the base of the toy. Taz cheers up right away and tries it out for himself while Granny compliments him for trying so hard to take care of it.