Lt tazmania 2

Taz-Mania 2 is the sequel to the original game. It was released by THQ in 1997, only on the Game Boy.


Taz has to save his kidnapped family, and return them to safety.


You can help Taz by whirling him through the Jungle, deep caverns, and the desert to find his missing kinfolk. You'll find yourself facing several obstacles and hazard's, but with the help of big jumps and tornado spins, you should be able to get through them easily. Of course Taz will also be in search of food. There's plenty to eat, but first you have to know where to find it. You'll love this hilarious adventure.


Taz-Mania 2 GB - Real Time Longplay (No death)45:14

Taz-Mania 2 GB - Real Time Longplay (No death)

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