Sypher, a super villain who can absorb the powers of the Loonatics

Sypher is the ninth episode of Loonatics Unleashed. It first aired on November 26, 2005.


As a basherball game is happening, a man named Drake Sypher steals basherball player Trick Daley's skills and gives himself victory. Ace and Rev decide to congratulate him, but he only steals their powers. When they discover their powers are gone, Lexi is left as the leader. She, Duck and Slam decide to stop a dam from bursting, but Sypher happens to be there, and he steals Lexi and Slam's powers, and stops the dam from bursting on his own. When they return, they figure that Sypher is the one who's been stealing their powers. Duck decides to make himself leader, and the team attempts to stop Sypher. During the fight Tech and Duck's powers are taken. Tech decides to build a special suit that will help them combat Sypher. When they realize that Sypher is trying to get away from them, they realize that when they touch him, they will get their powers back. They defeat Sypher, and he is sent to jail. Later Zodavia congratulates them, telling Duck that he won't ever likely be the team's leader again.

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