Sylvester Mother
Sylvester's Mother
Background information
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Debut appearance: Point, Laser Point
(February 7, 2012)
Created by:
Portrayed by: Estelle Harris

Sylvester's Mother (unknown real name) is a character on The Looney Tunes Show. She is the mother of Sylvester and Alan (in The Looney Tunes Show universe) and currently lives in Florida. She only appeared in the episode "Point, Laser Point". She is voiced by Estelle Harris.


("Point, Laser Point") Sylvester has an obsession with laser point red that came from his childhood, he remembers being a nerdy child chasing butterflies in a field and hanging with your brother, Alan. In his flashback, however, he sees a red laser dot and chases it, and it turns out to be (the necklace of) his mother. From a spell of Witch Lezah, Sylvester was in Flórida and found the flat of your mother. Sylvester's mother is knitting a sweater, wearing a necklace with a red jewel. Upon seeing Sylvester, she angrily notes that he has never visited before and tells him to leave. Her other son, Alan, visits her as well, and he is surprised to see Sylvester. Their mother tells Sylvester that he should have called in advance because she has a busy schedule. Alan notes that Tweety has arrived, and his mother is disgusted by the fact that Sylvester has yet to catch him. She then tells him that he should have made use of his life, rather than have spent it chasing Tweety, and is appalled by the fact that he is not married and has no children. As she continues ranting about his flaws, Sylvester sees Tweety fly away, and he goes over to chase him, claiming he does not need a red dot when he has Tweety and Granny.

Physical Appearance

She is an orange cat that has pink hair (possibly a wig), pink nose, uses lipstick, a little chubby and has the necklace that has the red light that both Sylvester chasing.


The Looney Tunes Show Season 1


  • She apparently prefers Alan than Sylvester.
  • When she was knitting the sweater, it was written ALAN.


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