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Stars of Space Jam boxed set

Stars of Space Jam is a collection of Looney Tunes VHS tapes released on November 26, 1996, to promote the release of Space Jam. Each video featured six cartoons, most of which had not been made available on home video before. This was also notably the first video series with a video featuring the Tasmanian Devil. The series was discontinued around the time the Looney Tunes Presents video series came out.

Each tape in this series began with a short version of the "Warner Bros. Family Entertainment" logo as seen on Warner Bros. Animation's cartoon shows (albeit with a short Merrie Melodies fanfare).


Cover Title Featured cartoons
StarsOfSpaceJam Bugs
Stars of Space Jam: Bugs Bunny
StarsOfSpaceJam Daffy
Stars of Space Jam: Daffy Duck
StarsOfSpaceJam RoadRunnerAndCoyote
Stars of Space Jam: Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote
StarsOfSpaceJam SylvesterAndTweety
Stars of Space Jam: Sylvester and Tweety
StarsOfSpaceJam Taz
Stars of Space Jam: Tasmanian Devil

Dubbed versions

Some televised versions of the cartoons from the Stars Of Space Jam tapes contain a dubbed version disclaimer at the end of the cartoons labelled "DUBBED VERSION (C) 1997 WARNER BROS.", although these "dubbed versions" are never seen on American television. The reason behind the dubbed version disclaimer was because a music-and-effects dub track was created for foreign dubs, although unlike the other 1997/1998 dubbed versions commonly seen on television and some European VHS tapes (Bugs & Friends, Superior Duck, From Hare To Eternity, Tweety's S.O.S., Wideo Wabbit, Cheese Chasers, The Prize Pest, A Fractured Leghorn, Big House Bunny, Scaredy Cat, Feed The Kitty) these prints lack restoration work.

Like the 1997/1998 dubbed versions succeeding them, the original end cards are preserved, unlike the dubbed versions created by Turner Entertainment in 1995.

Bogus wb dubbed 1997 version credit

Dubbed 1997 version disclaimer seen at the end of non-US televised prints of cartoons from the Stars Of Space Jam tapes. Note that the dubbed version font used differs from the other 1997 dubbed versions seen on TV and the Bugs & Friends European VHS tapes. Screenshot taken from "Homeless Hare" from an airing on Cartoon Network Japan.

Bogus wb dubbed 1997 version credit - Copy

Another variant of a Dubbed 1997 version disclaimer seen at the end of non-US televised prints of cartoons from the Stars Of Space Jam tapes. Screenshot taken from "Holiday For Drumsticks" from an airing on Boing Spain.

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