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So Much For So Little
Much little
Directed By: Chuck Jones
Produced By:
Released: 1949
Series: None (documentary special)
Film Editor:
Voiced By:
Starring: Little Johnny Jones
Preceded By:
Succeeded By:
LOONEY TOONS So Much for So Little (1949) (Remastered) (HD 1080p)10:30

LOONEY TOONS So Much for So Little (1949) (Remastered) (HD 1080p)

1080p Remastered Print

So Much For So Little is a 1949 Documentary short directed by Chuck Jones.


Little Johnny Jones, to be born in the next year, is shown growing to a ripe, healthy old age, thanks to the efforts of his local public health officers. But without them, he might be one of the 5% or so that dies in the first year. The price for the public health service: about 3 cents a week.

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