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Slappy Squirrel

Slappy Squirrel

Slappy Squirrel is a character in the Warner Bros. cartoon show Animaniacs. She was voiced by Sherri Stoner.


She is a cantankerous old woman with a New York accent. She is a gray squirrel, usually wearing a green hat decorated with a white gardenia and black purse and rainbow umbrella that she occasionally uses to hit other characters. She lives in a hollow tree with her nephew Skippy Squirrel, despite their polar opposite personalities, who loves to hear her tell stories about her former days of stardom. While Skippy represents a cuter style of cartoon characters, Slappy is a more chaotic and old-school character, enjoying violence for comedy's sake and resentful of milquetoast, censor-influenced modern cartoons.


She first appeared in Animaniacs' third episode, "Slappy Goes Walnuts", originally aired on September 15, 1993.

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