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Six Flags Holland 
is a former theme park that opened in 1971. The park was originally named Flevohof and then Walibi Flevo. Six Flags purchased the park in 1998, and completely rehauled the park into Six Flags Holland, which opened in 2000 (and thus granting the park access to use the Warner Brothers characters). In 2004, the park was purchased by StarParks, who reverted the park's branding back to Walabi in 2005 (and thus losing the license for the Warner Brothers characters).

Looney Tunes Attractions Operated

  • Bugs Bunny Wereld (translated as Bugs Bunny World in English)
    • Circusshow
    • Road Runner
    • Taz's Traffic Jam
    • Tweety's Treehouse
    • Bugs Bunny's Trucking Company
    • Daffy's Crazy Bus
    • Looney Tunes Tooter
    • Elmer's Weather Balloons
    • Yosemite Sam's Flight School
  • Mexico
    • Speedy's Taxis
    • Speedy Gonzalez

Looney Tunes Shops and Restaurants Operated

  • Bugs Bunny Wereld
    • Bugs Bunny's Dining Place
  • Hollywood The Main Street
    • Looney Tunes Emporium

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