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Six Flags Great America is a Six Flags theme park in the Chicago metropolitan area, located in Gurnee, Illinois. This park was first opened in 1976 as Marriott's Great America.

Marriott's Great America was the first theme park in the world to have the rights to use the Looney Tunes characters in their parks (these rights would later lead to all Six Flags parks using the Looney Tunes in their parks).

Looney Attractions Operated

  • Bugs Bunny Land (1980s - 1997)
  • Bugs Bunny National Park (also known as Looney Tunes National Park)
    • The Looney Tooter (1998-2010)
    • Looney Tunes Lodge (1998-2010)
    • Waddaview National Park Charter Service (1998-2010)
    • Porky's Buzzy Beez (1998-2010; 2012)
    • Petunia's Love Bugz (1998-2009)
    • Pepe Le Pew's Peak (1998-2009)
    • Nature Trail (1998-2010)
    • Yosemite Sam's National Park Tour (1998-2010)

Looney Shows Operated

Looney Shops Operated

  • Bugs Bunny and Co.
  • Tweety and Co.
  • Carousel Plaza Gifts (variety of merchandise offered, including Looney Tunes)

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