Road Runner Express Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

A picture of the lift hill, as seen in 2001.

Road Runner Express was a kiddie coaster that opperated from 2000-2003 in the Six Flags Ohio/Six Flags Worlds of Adventure park. The coaster train cars were based off a mine train. From 2004-2007, the coaster was known as Beaver Land Mine Ride, still using the same set of cars and scenery. The ride currently opperates at Papéa Park in Yvré-l'Evêque, France as Le Roller Coaster.


  • The coaster was known for having the longest train (20 two-seat cars) at the park and for completing its circuit twice.
  • The height requirements for this ride were also considered the most accomodating at the park.


Roadrunner Express, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure 200102:18

Roadrunner Express, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure 2001

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