Road Runner Express Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

A picture of the lift hill, as seen in 2001.

Road Runner Express was a kiddie coaster that operated from 2000-2003 in the Six Flags Ohio/Six Flags Worlds of Adventure park. The coaster train cars were based on a mine train. From 2004-2007, the coaster was known as Beaver Land Mine Ride, still using the same set of cars and scenery. The ride currently operates at Papéa Park in Yvré-l'Evêque, France as Le Roller Coaster.


  • The coaster was known for having the longest train (20 two-seat cars) at the park and for completing its circuit twice.
  • The height requirements for this ride were also considered the most accommodating at the park.


Roadrunner Express, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure 2001

Roadrunner Express, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure 2001

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