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Porky Pig 101 DVD Cover

DVD Cover Art

Porky Pig 101 is a 5-disc DVD set containing all 99 black and white Porky Pig cartoons, and two of Porky's appearances in the Technicolor Merrie Melodies cartoons, that was released by Warner Archive on September 19, 2017.[1] However, pressed releases are only available on WB Shop, with retailed releases being burnt MOD/DVD-R.

This set includes cartoons dating from 1935's "I Haven’t Got a Hat" to 1943's "Porky Pig’s Feat", all presented in original release order[2]. It also includes several bonus features and audio commentary on key cartoons from animation historians Greg Ford, Michael Barrier, Jerry Beck, and Mark Kausler, among others.[3]

Unlike previous Looney Tunes DVD and Blu-Ray releases, the new-to-DVD titles are remastered from the interpositives or duplicate prints instead of from the original negatives.[4] Some of the titles are missing and some of the opening and ending music is incorrect.


New-To-DVD - *

First Time Remastered - **

Disc 1

  1. I Haven't Got a Hat
  2. Gold Diggers of '49
  3. Boom Boom**
  4. Alpine Antics
  5. The Blow Out*
  6. Westward Whoa*
  7. Plane Dippy*
  8. Fish Tales*
  9. Shanghaied Shipmates*
  10. Porky's Pet*
  11. Porky the Rain-Maker*
  12. Porky's Poultry Plant
  13. Porky's Moving Day*
  14. Milk and Money
  15. Little Beau Porky
  16. The Village Smithy*
  17. Porky in the North Woods
  18. Porky the Wrestler*
  19. Porky's Road Race
  20. Picador Porky*

Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentaries:
    • "I Haven't Got a Hat" by Jerry Beck
    • "Porky's Poultry Plant" by Michael Barrier

Disc 2

  1. Porky's Romance
  2. Porky's Duck Hunt
  3. Porky and Gabby**
  4. Porky's Building*
  5. Porky's Super Service**
  6. Porky's Badtime Story*
  7. Porky's Railroad
  8. Get Rich Quick Porky**
  9. Porky's Garden*
  10. Rover's Rival*
  11. The Case of the Stuttering Pig
  12. Porky's Double Trouble
  13. Porky's Hero Agency**
  14. Porky's Poppa
  15. Porky at the Crocadero
  16. What Price Porky
  17. Porky's Phoney Express*
  18. Porky's Five & Ten**
  19. Porky's Hare Hunt
  20. Injun Trouble*

Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentaries:
    • "Porky's Romance" and "The Case of the Stuttering Pig" by Mark Kausler
    • "Porky at the Crocadero" by Daniel Goldmark
    • "Porky's Hare Hunt" by Jerry Beck

Disc 3

  1. Porky the Fireman
  2. Porky's Party
  3. Porky's Spring Planting*
  4. Porky & Daffy**
  5. Wholly Smoke
  6. Porky in Wackyland
  7. Porky's Naughty Nephew*
  8. Porky in Egypt
  9. The Daffy Doc
  10. Porky the Gob*
  11. The Lone Stranger and Porky**
  12. It's an Ill Wind*
  13. Porky's Tire Trouble*
  14. Porky's Movie Mystery*
  15. Chicken Jitters*
  16. Porky and Teabiscuit
  17. Kristopher Kolumbus Jr.**
  18. Polar Pals
  19. Scalp Trouble*
  20. Old Glory

Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentaries:
    • "Porky's Party" by Eddie Fitzgerald and John Kricfalusi
    • "Wholly Smoke" by Daniel Goldmark
    • "Porky in Wackyland" by Michael Barrier
    • "The Daffy Doc" by Mark Kausler
    • "Old Glory" by Jerry Beck and Martha Sigall
  • Porky's Party Storyboard

Disc 4

  1. Porky's Picnic*
  2. Wise Quacks
  3. Porky's Hotel*
  4. Jeepers Creepers*
  5. Naughty Neighbors*
  6. Pied Piper Porky*
  7. Porky the Giant Killer*
  8. The Film Fan
  9. Porky's Last Stand**
  10. Africa Squeaks*
  11. Ali-Baba Bound*
  12. Pilgrim Porky
  13. Slap Happy Pappy**
  14. Porky's Poor Fish
  15. You Ought to Be in Pictures
  16. The Chewin' Bruin*
  17. Porky's Baseball Broadcast**
  18. Patient Porky
  19. Calling Dr. Porky*
  20. Prehistoric Porky

Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentaries:
    • "You Ought to Be in Pictures" by Jerry Beck
  • "Porky's Poor Fish" Storyboard

Disc 5

  1. The Sour Puss
  2. Porky's Hired Hand*
  3. The Timid Toreador*
  4. Porky's Snooze Reel*
  5. Porky's Bear Facts*
  6. Porky's Preview
  7. Porky's Ant*
  8. A Coy Decoy*
  9. Porky's Prize Pony*
  10. Meet John Doughboy
  11. We, the Animals Squeak!*
  12. The Henpecked Duck*
  13. Notes to You*
  14. Robinson Crusoe Jr.**
  15. Porky's Midnight Matinee*
  16. Porky's Pooch
  17. Porky's Pastry Pirates**
  18. Who's Who in the Zoo**
  19. Porky's Cafe*
  20. Confusions of a Nutzy Spy**
  21. Porky Pig's Feat

Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentaries:
    • "Porky's Preview" by Greg Ford
    • "Porky Pig's Feat" by Joe Dante


Due to the new-to-DVD cartoons being remastered from the interpositives, this results in a few minor flaws on the presentations to the cartoons:

  • Both "Fish Tales" and "Westward Whoa" incorrectly use the the 1939-1940 variant of "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down". While cartoons like "Porky's Ant", "Porky's Prize Pony", "Notes to You", "Robinson Crusoe Jr.", "Porky's Midnight Matinee", and "Porky's Cafe" incorrectly use the 1937 "Porky Signature" theme from "Porky's Railroad".
    • Another issue is that some of the other cartoons incorrectly re-use the opening theme from "Porky's Tire Trouble" (on "Porky’s Garden", "The Lone Stranger and Porky", "Chicken Jitters", "Naughty Neighbors", "Porky the Giant Killer", "Calling Dr. Porky", and "Porky’s Hired Hand"). "Get Rich Quick Porky" incorrectly uses the opening theme from "Confusions of a Nutzy Spy" (as well as using the wrong closing music).
    • "Picador Porky" also uses the wrong opening and closing themes.
  • Near the very end of "Shanghaied Shipmates", where the crew is whipping the villain swimming in the ocean, there are two noticeable glitches on the frames where random squares are on the screen for unknown reason.
  • Both "Porky the Wrestler" and "Porky's Movie Mystery" retain their abrupt cuts.
    • "Porky the Wrestler" also has the wrong closing titles that were literally spliced on.
  • "Porky and Gabby" has two splices, the first being literally a jump splice from the credits to action, and the second near the end of the closing titles. "Porky's Cafe" has one splice seen after the opening of the cartoon.
  • Several cartoons are slightly cropped at the edges, such as "It's an Ill Wind", where, on the title card, the edges of the quote marks being slightly cut off on the title of the cartoon.
  • "Confusions of a Nutzy Spy" closes with the the 1936-1937 Looney Tunes closing title with the 1937-1938 ending theme playing over it, with Porky's signature line "T-t-t-that's all Folks!" being cut out.


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