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Pizzaribba title card

Title Card

Pizzarriba is a Merrie Melodie for The Looney Tunes Show. It is performed by Speedy Gonzales, his cousin Gustavo, and Porky Pig in some parts, and appears in the episode Working Duck.


Chorus: Pizzarriba! Pizzarriba!

Speedy: Come to Speedy's pizza place and put both your feet up
bring a hundred friends with you, there's plenty of room
I will bring more pizza than your tummy can eat up
once you taste my pizza your tastebuds'll go boom!
Chorus: Pizzarriba! Pizzarriba!

Speedy: I read all your comment cards and take in your feedback
of all the things you look for in a pizza place
so step into the kitchen where my cousin, Gustavo,
is helping launch my restaurant into cyberspace!
That's right! we have a website, just like you all requested!
Now you can go online and order from your PC
If you can just bear with us,
our connection is buffy.
I swear, it will be worth it to get pizza from me
So please be patient
Chorus: Pizzarriba! Pizzarriba!

Speedy: Wow! Is this thing still loading, Gustavo?
Gustavo: Si, 88%
Speedy: Oh, There it Goes. We're Almost up! Wait, did it freeze again? Gustavo, you've got to be kidding me, man! You said you were good with computers!

Chorus: Pizzarriba!
Gustavo: No, I said I HAVE a computer
Chorus: Pizzarriba!
Gustavo: Oh, here we go! It's up!
Chorus: Pizzarriba!
Gustavo: I told you I could do it!
Chorus: Pizzarriba!
Speedy: You spelled it wrong!
Gustavo: Pibbarriza!
Speedy: What is pibba? It's... Pizzarriba!
Gustavo: Not according to your website

Speedy: You're running from me? You are running from me? I'm Speedy Gonzales Speedy's in my name, I'm the fastest, EVER!

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