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Pettin' in the Park
Pettin' in the Park
Directed By: Bernard Brown
Produced By: Leon Schlesinger
Released: January 27, 1934
Series: Merrie Melodies
Story: Sid Marcus (uncredited)
Animation: Jack King
Bob Clampett
Film Editor:
Voiced By: The Rhythmettes
The Varsity Three
Music: Norman Spencer
Starring: Lovebirds
Other Birds
Preceded By: Buddy the Gob
Succeeded By: Honeymoon Hotel

Pettin’ In The Park is a 1934 Merrie Melodies cartoon. It was directed by Bernard Brown and animated by Jack King and Bob Clampett (1913–1984). The musical score was by Norman Spencer. The song is from Busby Berkeley's Gold Diggers of 1933.


Various bird couples are petting in the park and singing the title song. A policeman is also getting amorous with a nanny, until a penguin pecks at a butterfly on her bottom and she thinks the policeman pinched her. She storms off but quickly hops in another suitor's car. Then the birds all enter the park's diving and swimming contest.


Pettin' in the Park (1934)07:00

Pettin' in the Park (1934)

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