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Parque Warner Madrid logo


Parque Warner Madrid (previously known as Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid and Warner Bros. Park) is a theme park located 25 km southeast of Madrid, Spain, in the municipality of San Martín de la Vega, which opened on April 6, 2002.[citation needed|date=]


DC Superheroes World


Warner Bros. Studios


Old West Territory


Cartoon Village


  • Rápidos ACME - River Rapids ride
  • ACME Park - Playground with pool balls
  • ACME, juegos de agua - Water Games
  • Correo Aéreo - Family flat ride of Elmer Fudd
  • Cohetes Espaciales - Children's flat ride of Marvin the Martian
  • La madriguera de Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny House
  • El camerino del Pato Lucas - Daffy Duck House
  • La casa de la abuelita - Tweety and Sylvester the Cat House
  • Correcaminos Bip Bip - Family Roller coaster
  • ¡A toda máquina! - Rocking tug of Foghorn Leghorn
  • He visto un lindo gatito - Kite Flyer of Tweety
  • Emergencias Pato Lucas - Fire Brigade of Daffy Duck
  • Los juegos de Marvin el marciano - skill games of Marvin the Martian